24 Years Ago...Madonna's Pepsi Challenge Gimme Some "Head Hung Low" 

Mar 03 2013
Need To Know: Getting TSwift's Goat, Meating Someone New, No Joke: Seth & Charlize + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Yes, I'm a bit late on the brilliant goat mixes of TSwift.


*widget boy cultureCahill & Kimberley Locke "Feel the Love."

*widget boy cultureNate Berkus looking to be a daddy.

*widget boy cultureNICE TA MEAT YA: Colin by Thomas Synnamon.

*widget boy cultureRepublicans still resolved to financially destroy the U.S.

*widget boy culturePERFECT COUPLE: Al Qaeda & anti-equality righties.

*widget boy cultureCharlize Theron is in on Seth MacFarlane's jokes.

*widget boy cultureDick Cheney hates warmongering Condoleeza Rice for not being even more bloodthirsty.

*widget boy cultureEnlightened about to go dark?

Tumblr_mhpqlqwr6s1s2ohego1_500Wake me up, before you "Jellicoe"-go




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