Sandra Harmon, 74, Was One Bad Bitch Double-Snap Judgments 

Mar 15 2013
The (Mastur)Bates Motel: Underwear Models Checking In Comments (2)


This is the seventeenth in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert

There’s something about a hotel room that makes any rendezvous sexier. Maybe it’s the strangeness of the environment. Maybe it’s the odd repetition of identical rooms and décor. Maybe it’s just nice to not have to clean up your own mess.

Whatever the reason, hotel rooms are a classic, hot hook-up spot.

We collected our favorite model photos set in hotel rooms. Think of it as a creative look book for your next hotel visit...



#5 Todd Sanfield

First, we have Todd Sanfield’s editorial by Rick Day. Sanfield can’t wait for someone else to show up, so he gets started on his own. Vain? Yes. Effective photography? Yesss.



#4 Nikola Kamenaric

Garcon Model took the hotel fantasy in a different direction with a red-lit motel room. There’s a sleazy, dreamlike vibe from this series.



#3 Simon Sherry-Wood

Simon posed in Calvin Klein for Marco Ovando in this gallery. Ovando also took the sleazy motel route. It’s the sort of series that makes you fondly recall that road trip you took back in 2006.



#2 Justin Augustin

Justin poses in Amat underwear throughout these photos set in a ritzy Eastern hotel. What happens in exotic far away places…well, you get the idea.


#1 Justin Clynes

Of course, there’s also something to be said for luxury close to home. Justin posed in an upscale New York hotel room in Todd Sanfield underwear. Fresh sheets, nice bath tub, great view—mind if we join you?



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