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Mar 31 2013
Face/Palm: Hot Men, Thick Trunks Comments (0)

This is the nineteenth in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert

Spring is officially here, which means summer is officially almost here! The Underwear Expert is here to provide the motivation you need to get beach-body ready.

Just for you, we have five of the hottest photos we could find that frame a hot piece of man (or'll see what we mean) with a hot piece of trunk.

Whether you're already relaxing near the water or still fighting off the chill of winter, these alluring photos are guaranteed to heat things up.

Check out our palm-tree men round-up below and let us know which man, and which trunks, are your favorites. For even more photos of models paired with inanimate objects (not like that), visit The Underwear Expert...

Mail_image_preview-4David Florentin

Mail_image_preview-3Ekkapon Thongsuk

Mail_image_preview-2Andrew Corvin

Mail_image_preview-1Jay Lauren

Mail_image_previewFrancisco Lachowski



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