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Mar 08 2013
Venfield 8: The Whole Thing Comments (0)


Edge on the Net posts an in-depth (four pages!) feature on mystery photographer Venfield 8 (Work Unfriendly), whose work I've written about or linked to in the past. It's a great piece, which is appropriate since he shoots so many great, um, pieces. On his subversive, sexy, sly work, Venfield 8 says:

"[T]his work is all genuine. It really represents me. It shows the life I live—whether traveling, shooting in the South of France, surrounded by lots of naked guys, or working in my usual enviironment in L.A. I started Venfield 8 as a way to harvest all these instances and images into something cohesive and beautiful."

Cohesive and adhesive—his rhinestone-studded cock shot is one of his biggest artistic risks so far:

"I was advised to use spirit gum. But that is sticky and could be painful to remove, so I used the same adhesive that's used for false eyelashes."

Raising eyebrows and fastening stuff to dicks using eyelash's nice to have some of that cheeky pop-art adventurousness back in the art world, and ever nicer that it's coming from a uniquely gay perspective.



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