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Apr 09 2013
Gut Check vs. Spellcheck Comments (15)

Madonna has taken some hits from the media for her fawning letter to Malawi's prez, Joyce Banda. They've called it "rambling" (???), criticized it for being handwritten and pointed out that it was riddled with errors. (For the record, she misspelled "responsibility" with an "a" and left out a word.)

Where is the condemnation of HuffingtonPost...which can't even spell "Madonna" in a header? lol

My take on it all is Madonna's trying to do good, people who hate her won't accept that. It's a classic case of baby and bathwater, like when anti-Gaga fans dismiss her good work because they dislike what they consider her bad art.

Sure, Madonna could do all her good work with no PR, but then the rest of the world would be that much less aware of Malawi's plight. I think Madonna, and many other stars, do get a bit of the Jesus Complex, but the ones who use the overwhelming attention they receive, redirecting it at causes close to their heart, should not be hung out to dry for giving a damn about something besides their music or movie careers.

As for Mme. Banda, she's just pissed off that Madonna fired her sister. If the two met, I have no doubt it could be worked out. All Madonna's done is stepped on some toes, but they shouldn't be broken.



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