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Apr 11 2013
Joe Jonas Gets Buff, Broods, Trims His Eye-Bush & Has Sax With Another Man Comments (0)

This is the Joe Jonas I know and love...he's legitimately hilarious. In response to a fan's request that he accompany her to a formal (which he can not attend), he created this video response, in which he Joe-Jonas-bicepstrims his famous brow (singular), works out, hawks Wonder Bread by a roaring "fire" and vamps to an impassioned rendition of "Careless Whisper" by George Michael (hint-hint).

Seriously, I doubt he had to have anyone script this for him. He's truly funny (as are the other 'Brothers) and quite capable of improv when need be. I remember him once doing a shout-out for a win-a-date contest in which he ad-libbed just as hysterically.

Best of all, he takes off his shirt and also dons a skintight work-out look that shows off how biceptual he really is...



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