There Is A God! F*ck 'em If They Can't Take A Poke 

Apr 09 2013
Philip Fusco's 10 Best Shots Comments (3)

This is the twenty-first in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert.

Philip Fusco has been actively modeling for eight years now, and anyone attuned to the fashion industry can see he's only getting better with age. If you don't know him, for a quick study on the Long Island native, check out his behind-the-scenes interview with E Talk for his latest campaign with Gregg Homme.

He also recently offered up his time to speak with The Underwear Expert in our "Model Talk" series.

In short, Fusco's a gentleman and a model citizen. He loves nutrition, and he's eager to use his experience working as a model to hand out some fitness advice. He even runs a blog dedicated to providing fitness and healthy eating tips. It's clear that his ego hasn't gotten as big as his muscles yet, as his fan base is remarkably loyal and engaged.

Best of all, he's pretty, too! We've rounded up some of Philip's best work to celebrate his recent successes. Take a look at the above gallery and keep an eye out for Philip in some major, yet-to-be-released underwear campaigns

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