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Apr 10 2013
Question: What Is Lindsay Lohan On? (Answer: Letterman) Comments (3)
Lindsay Lohan discusses her latest movie and her latest rehab stint with David Letterman...

Lindsay Lohan looks reasonably healthy but the stuff she's done to her face makes her look like an older woman who looks young instead of a young woman (which she is).

She really used to have remarkable acting talent. I'm not sure if it's still there, but it once was.

(One minor note: I hate that she insists on being called "LOW-in," when her name was originally "LOW-han." It's like how Hayden Panettiere's real surname is "pan-uh-TEER-y" (as her kid brother still pronounces it!) but professionaly she's segued into the hoity-toitier "pan-i-tee-AIR.")



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