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May 12 2013
10 Underwear Models to Take Home to Mom Comments (0)

In the gallery above, in order: Bernardo Velasco, Todd Sanfield, Rob Evans, Rich Stinger, Paulo Haddad, Paddy Mitchell, Joshua Brickman, Doug Ogden, Christian Guidi, Cameron Horner.

Every son and daughter knows what special day it is today. And if you’re scratching your head, shame on you. It’s Mother’s Day! The one day a year when moms everywhere should be able to nag without reproach and be pampered from dusk till dawn.

To celebrate Mama’s Day, The Underwear Expert has put together a list of "10 Underwear Models to Take Home to Mom." After all, what better gift to give the woman that raised you than a great-looking guy on your arm? Not only will you make her proud of the fact that her son can score such a handsome man, you’ll be giving her some innocent eye-candy!

These 10 guys are practically an assembly line of Ken dolls. Their smooth, muscled bodies have no visible tattoos. Their baby-faces are both perky and clean-shaven. And their smiles say, “I love you Mom!” much better than any cheap flowers could.

Of course, if you brought one of these beefy guy's home to Mom with a beautiful bouquet…well, that’s just icing on the cake.

This is another in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert.



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