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May 16 2013
Captain EO vs. Wade: Why I Believe Wade Robson Comments (18)

I believe Wade Robson. I don't know if he should prevail with his new case legally considering his previous testimony, but I don't think it's uncommon for a victim of child sexual abuse to be unable or unwilling to tell their truth.

In Wade's case, he was allegedly abused by a man he idolized and trusted for a very long time. I don't see how we can minimize that. It makes me angry that people are mocking him and overlooking the wealth of circumstantial evidence that Michael Jackson—musical genius—was also very likely a pedophile.

When I read about people shaming Wade, it reminds me of women in foreign countries (and here!) who are rape victims receiving more scorn from their communities than their rapists. In those cases, it's gender bias. In this case, it's the bias we have toward people who are famous and talented, and whom we admire.

I know a lot of Michael Jackson fans (and non-fans) will disagree and will hang their hats on the fact that Michael was found "not guilty" the one time he faced molestation charges. But "not guilty" is not "innocent." He deserved to go free once found not guilty, but I think when people bring serious, credible allegations of abuse, they also deserve to be heard.

As a final note, I have mentioned before that I met Wade Robson a couple of times. I do not know him deeply, but my impression was that he was a smart, thoughtful, sensitive (albeit guarded) person. There was a lot of gossip swirling around him at the time, speculation was swirling in Orlando that he was bisexual and that he had come between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. He was quite young and still trying to forge a career apart from his association with Jackson. When I spoke to him about Michael Jackson (around 9/11), he spoke in admiration of Jackson's talents but with a clear-eyed assessment of how those talents had slipped by then. There was...something else in the way he spoke of Michael. Was it careerist jealousy at no longer being one of Jackson's "It" boys (and why did Michael Jackson have so many "It" boys?), or was it this secret? 

No way to know for sure. But in my opinion, and it's just an opinion, I think Wade Robson is telling the truth, and it bothers me that so many people are so quick to slam him as if his allegations are coming out of absolutely nowhere.




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