All The Polaroid Rage: Maripol & Slava Do The Impossible Can-Do Attitude: Bryan Hawn Tops THE LIST 

May 19 2013
Keep Your Pants Off! Comments (9)

Madonna slew at The Billboard Music Awards, arriving in an outfit that was giving me The Blue Angel, Sex and Dick Tracy flashes...and that was also giving me flasher flashes, considering she skipped pants.

Madonna-Four-RoomsMadonna at 35 or 36 in 1995's Four Rooms...

Madonna-Billboard...and 18 years later, age 54!

Growing old "gracefully" is for people who could not wear this and look this good.

Celine-Dion-MadonnaKibitzing with Celine Dion!

Oh, and Keith at Billboard gets his Madonna moment, interviewing and posing with Madonna in one of her most memorable get-ups:

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