MURDER She Wrote: A Review Of MURDER BALLAD Buy, Buy, Baby? Bye-Bye. 

May 18 2013
Need To Know: Gay Leader Out, Dirty Harry Reid, Midler vs. Teabaggers, American Dads + MORE Comments (0)

Revistah_10Fancy a dip?

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Marco Antônio Arcoverde Cals for H Magazine. Madonna-MDNA

*widget boy cultureTHE NEW MARLENE: Preview Madonna's MDNA Tour on Epix.

*widget boy cultureFirst-ever film adaptation of a David Sedaris piece to open Outfest.

*widget boy cultureHerndon Graddick resigns as GLAAD director after a year. Madonna-MDNA

*widget boy cultureWill Harry Reid really go nuclear this time?

*widget boy culturePresident Obama is squeaky-clean, conservatives can't get over it

*widget boy cultureI'LL TAX YOU FIRST: Tagged as a hate Bette Midler. Madonna-MDNA

*widget boy cultureColin Egglesfield is attractive.

*widget boy cultureSentences can end in prepositions.

*widget boy cultureBeating up on gays via court, and more literally.

*widget boy cultureNew gay dads (my pals) Matt & Josh meet their new twins:



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