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May 27 2013
The Watermelon Man: A (Brief) Review Of BEHIND THE CANDELABRA Comments (18)

Behindthecandelabra06jpg-55d34dec0486b71eBehind the Candelabra was, more or less, a standard biopic...of Scott Thorson.

Matt-damon-goes-shirtless-in-candelabra-02BOY CULTURE REVIEW: **1/2 out of ****

My (quick)  take on Behind the Candelabra: Debbie Reynolds, Dan Aykroyd, Cheyenne Jackson, Scott Bakula and Rob Lowe are delicious; Matt Damon has incredible, Emmy-worthy depth and makes it all worthwhile; Michael Douglas is two-dimensional and miscast; the entire movie is more in the vein of Magic Mike (which was great fun, but I was expecting more from a biopic) than [fill in any other Soderbergh movie]; and it's ludicrous to call it a "love story." The genre is more closely horror. What a completely unhealthy relationship...from, "Hi, nice to meet you!" to alleged deathbed farewell. It definitely held my interest, it just wasn't shaded. Bad wigs.

CandelabraBest supporting cast since Murder on the Orient Express!



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