It's A Gay Man's World Pretty Ugly 

Jun 28 2013
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Noah-Bastian-nowNoah today.

I fondly recall Noah Bastian from his time in the mock boyband 2Ge+her, an MTV creation that crossed over into reality when little girls made the boys into bona fide heartthrobs. He was the most popular member of the group and radiated sweetness and sincerity.

Noah-Bastian-2getherFrom the photo shoot I commissioned of the boys, around 2000.

Now, he's been a meth user for years and is the subject of Noah: Clean, Prison, or Dead, a documentary by his brother intended to shed light on the mistakes he's made and provide a warning to others not to take the same path. Hopefully, it will also help Noah, now 33, focus and move forward in life. I'm rooting for this guy.



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