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Jun 05 2013
Deliberace: Did The Late Entertainer "Intentionally Infect" Three Lovers With AIDS? Comments (3)

According to National Enquirer (June 17, 2013), Scott Thorson believes Liberace "intentionally infected" three of his lovers with HIV:

"He never used a condom nor practiced safe sex. His lovers Cary James, Chris Adler and Bob Fisher all died because of him—and there could be several others...Liberace's dead today because of his lifestyle, his sexual addiction, and he had this weakness for young men."

Hm. It's not really fair to say Liberace is dead because of his lifestyle in that he very likely contracted HIV before it was even known what HIV was; it wasn't that he ignored safer sex, it was that he had sex at all at the right time with the right people when HIV was blossoming. Also, how would Thorson, who was "divorced" from Liberace's life in '82, know whether the entertainer "never" used condoms once HIV was identified? (My guess is he's right, but he was in no position to know what Liberace was up to once he was booted.)

Liberace-cary-jamesThe late Cary James & the late Liberace.

It's about as fair to say Liberace's lifestyle caused his AIDS as it is to say Thorson's lifestyle caused his anal cancer, which is almost always the result of HPV.

Anyway, Thorson's sketchy lifestyle (a word that shouldn't always be attached to "gay") definitely plays into why I found Behind the Candelabra only half good. No way was Thorson the innocent babe played (so convincingly) by Matt Damon.



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