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Jun 22 2013
Happy Birthday, Cyndi Lauper! Comments (5)

Cyndi Lauper is (fucking) 60 years old today. Sixty! Impossible. I still remember the first time I ever saw her...and it wasn't until after her fame peaked that I realized it had been Cyndi. I was flipping through Life and found this totally cool image of an orange-haired nymph in a beauty parlor setting. It looked so rad I tore it out and saved it. Years later, when she was a household name, I was looking through my already voluminous clippings boxes and found it and lo and behold, it was Blue Angel-era Cyndi. (I can't find it online, but if I come across it at home I'll scan it.)

Above is one of my fave Cyndi shots, my Matthew Rolston. I didn't really love when she went glam, but this shot seemed to have glam but to retain the essence of what made her so unusual from the beginning.




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