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Jun 27 2013
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Today is National HIV Testing Day—don't be one of the one in five people out there who are HIV-positive and don't even know it.

In honor of the day, LifeStyles® Condoms and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation are partnering on "#KnowYour Status":

NationalDayofHIVTestingThe #KnowYourStatus campaign implores sexually active individuals to get tested, and encourage their social circle to get tested, as well.  Starting Tuesday, June 25 through National HIV Testing Day on Thursday, June 27, #KnowYourStatus asks social media users to “Donate Your Status Update to Knowing Your Status,” asking users to update social media platforms with pre-written messages along with the hash tag #KnowYourStatus.  For example:

* I’m donating my status to promote National HIV Testing Day. Find a center near you at freehivtest.net and #KnowYourStatus

* I just donated a condom to @AIDSHealthcare to support National HIV Testing Day #KnowYourStatus

* Safe sex starts with knowledge. Find an HIV testing center and get tested today at freehivtest.net #KnowYourStatus

For each status shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hash tag #KnowYourStatus, LifeStyles will donate a condom, up to 50,000, to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to help prevent the spread of HIV. 

Pitch in. HIV/AIDS is not over—not by a longshot.




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