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Jun 27 2013
On The Outs: A Review Of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's THE OUT LIST Comments (1)

TimothyGreenfield-Sanders with Dustin Lance Black

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's The Out List follows his The Black List and The Latin List as an HBO documentary that serves as sort of a moving portraits of a number of LGBT luminaries, and by its diversity of subject, of the LGBT community at large.

WANDAAiring June 27 on HBO, The Out List is in some respects a simple, to-camera Q&A with famous LGBTs. Stylistically, nothing new. But the sum is greater than its parts. Greenfield-Sanders engenders (in some cases, the editing is a bit too aggressive) plain-spoken, highly personal responses from the people in front of his lens. In the same way that he showed a new side of porn stars via photography, many of these familiar faces are presented in slightly different ways in this film.

Most interestingly, the edge behind Lady Bunny's humor is revealed, not purposely, to be her anger over being marginalized by not only the world at large but by her own community, especially the young'uns.

What follows are memorable quotes from each of the film's subjects. Check them out, and don't miss this queer filmic time capsule when it airs later this month on the 44th anniversary of Stonewall...

Neil Patrick Harris on having children:

"I think they need male and female role models, but I don't think that means that we shouldn't have kids because we're two guys."

Janet Mock on the "T" in LGBT:

"I always knew that I would be a writer, in New York City, telling stories. As a woman."

Dustin Lance Black on how movies changed his life:

"I have heard some filmmakers say they don't wanna be labeled as a gay filmmaker. I am a gay filmmaker—I'm a gay guy! I'm not ashamed of that. I'm pretty proud of that, in fact!"

Lupe Valdez on being distinguished by our sexualities:

"Why can't we just get validated for being human beings, and for being who we are?"

Wade Davis on the first out NFL player:

"If a Major League player comes out, it really changes the conversation of what it means to be a masculine man...we have to push the boundaries now."

R. Clarke Cooper on being gay and conservative:

"It is much easier to be a gay man in the Republican Party than it is to be Republican in the LGBT community...As a person of faith, I have more in common with fellow conservatives."

Lady Bunny on what drag is and what we owe drag queens:

"I use drag to go up to the cutest boy in the club and grab him by the crotch...drag queens can get away with murder...Don't ever discount the drag queens. Do gay kids value their predecessors? No. I don't think that they do. Don't you ever discount the drag queens. I get so tired of these conservative gays always saying, 'The leathermen and the drag queens don't represent our community.' We started your gay rights."

Larry Kramer on who to thank for HIV treatments:

"Every treatment that is out there is out there from [ACT UP]...You do not get more from honey than with vinegar."

Wanda Sykes on coming out after being married to a man:

"I tried that, it didn't work out...let's get some pussy."

Christine Quinn on why anti-gay people suck:

"The idea that you have to lift yourself up by pulling other people down...it's just not nice."

Jake Shears on gay assimilation:

"It makes me sad a little bit, too. I mean, I'm not gonna lie. There's something I love so much about being a 'homo,' and I feel like anybody that's gonna be wagging their finger at us, 'Fuck! Who cares? Fuck off!'"

Wazina Zondon on gender:

"I think it's important for us to reclaim words...there aren't just female and male, there's so much more diversity in each being."

Ellen DeGeneres on her goal as a public figure:

"I don't wanna be on television just to talk to the Kardashians."

Suze Orman on being one of the first female stockbrokers at Merrill Lynch:

"[My boss said,] 'Men, I want you to listen to me. The first time you ever sell a private limited partnership, it'll be better than the first time you...' I looked at him and said, 'Were you going to say the first time that you mm-mm a woman?' and he says, 'Yeah.' And I go, 'I get that! I get that!'"

Twiggy Pucci Garcon on vogueing as family:

"A house is called a house because it takes on the structure of a family, but with no respect to gender...If you've been rejected by your biological family right, that house is a real family."

Cynthia Nixon on sticking together:

"I try and avoid the 'bisexual' label because it brings so much grief down on me...What's important is the world looks at all of us and sees us as 'gay,' and so we need to be cohesive and we need to fight as one community."




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