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Jun 30 2013
"Really Bad...And That's Good": MOMMIE DEAREST Vet Dishes The Dirt Comments (3)

Rutanya-Alda"This was the first round that Faye won..."

Carol-AnnHAPPY PRIDE: Delightful Rutanya Alda, "Carol Ann" from Mommie Dearest, is clearly having a blast in this long clip, in which she reads from her on-set diary from the making of the movie. She recalls Faye Dunaway blackmailing her way into getting her boyfriend a producing credit, waving people away like insignificant specks, demanding that her hair look like Goldie Hawn's in Private Benjamin and providing a Polaroid of herself to put into the coffin so that Alda will have something to react to.


Put on a bib, it's delicious...



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