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Jun 17 2013
Your Nightly Briefing: A Review Of Rounderwear Comments (3)


When I was made aware of this Rounderwear deal—write about the underwear and get a free pair—I wasn't too excited. I have lots of underwear, most of it older than the men I check out these days.

But Rounderwear is padded to give people like me an ass. So I couldn't resist.

The day after they arrived, I pulled them on. I had opted for a pair of the black basic padded trunks. Black underwear always reminds me of "Breathless Mahoney" in mourning, but for my rear, it was a rebirth.

Once I got past the feeling that I was pathetic for padding my ass, I have to say they were very comforatable and only enhanced things a bit, nothing extreme. I wouldn't want to walk around looking like that lady arrested for giving butt injections after all.

So if you ignore reviews of movies and TV shows, at least pay attention to this one review of padded underwear: Rounderwear did anything but burst my bubble.



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