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Jun 07 2013
Your Nightly Briefing: Daddy's Day Edition Comments (3)
Michael-Verlackt Lane-Carlson

Above, in order: Ruben Cortada, Cross Thompson, David Beckham, Fernando Glauter, Jack Mackenroth, Michael Verlackt, Lane Carlson & Thom Evans.

This is another in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert.

For Mother’s Day, we decided to bring you a gallery of clean-cut and baby-faced young bucks in underwear. Well, we hope you and your mom alike thoroughly enjoyed them, but now that Father’s Day is upon us, it’s time to recognize the daddies of the underwear industry.

That’s right! You won’t find any bright-eyed and bushy-tailed boys below, just stalwart and robust men. We’re talking full beards, hairy chests, and bulging muscles—and yes maybe even a little bit of leather. These characteristics are actually quite hard to come by in an underwear model. Let’s face it, most models are smooth skinned, lean and considered middle-aged at 25.

But the daddy models we’ve assembled for you above are chock-full of burly goodness. In fact, they could easily be considered the DILFs of the modeling industry. Of course, make sure to pay respect to your real daddy on his special day if he’s still around, but in the meantime, feel free to take a moment to appreciate our favorite muscledaddies.



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