Top Bidder Skip Ender's Game 

Jul 09 2013
Need To Know: Jett Black Swan, The Scream, Mariah's Joint Statement + MORE Comments (5)

Anton+agatCruisin' Anton.

*widget boy cultureRussian supermodel Anton Agat has flex appeal. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy culture9 reasons why Rick Perry is a complete asshole.

*widget boy culturePat Robertson wants a "vomit" button for Facebook photos of gays.

*widget boy cultureTrayvon Martin trial heads into he screamed/he screamed phase.

*widget boy cultureON DISLOCATION: Mariah Carey breaks her shoulder on a video set.

*widget boy cultureThe women in Arizona's 1st-ever civil union.

*widget boy cultureStacy Keibler's contract must've been up: Clooney single.

*widget boy cultureRising ballet star Jeppe Hansen gets canned due to Cockyboys porn.

Screen-Shot-2013-05-30-at-12.51.51-AM-2Because why would anyone think doing porn would affect your ballet career?



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