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Jul 05 2013
Your Nightly Briefing: Steve Grand aka Steve Chatham aka Steve Starchild aka Finn Diesel Comments (19)
Steve Chatham

Steve Grand is taking the Internet by electrical storm with his heartfelt video for the countrified song "All-American Boy." No sooner did he cross the 10,000 views threshold on YouTube did I begin receiving alerts from readers that he's really Steve Starchild or Steve Chatham or Finn Diesel.

What's odd is that it's being treated almost like a "gotcha," but I don't think Steve is hiding from his other work with the new name; it feels more like compartmentalization than "closet."

Someone who I think works with him sent me the country video and mentioned that I'd posted him in the past under the Starchild moniker. (Sadly, he has "privated" his "Marry the Night" cover.)

Still, we do love a beautiful body when it has a beautiful face, voice and vision attached.


P.S. Here are just two of many other famous folks who got their starts—before their STARTS—without many clothes on. They did just fine, and they did it 60+ and 30+ years ago, respectively. Steve should not act embarrassed that he posed for beautiful photos looking beautiful. His approach should mirror Madonna's: "I'M NOT ASHAMED."

As I pointed out in the comments, fitness modeling is less challenging than the out content of his music, and if he was ballsy enough to do that, he should be ballsy enough to embrace his modeling. I would hope that whomever is advising him has let him know it should be about his musical talent, and everything else, while a part of his story, will work itself out.




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