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Aug 14 2013
20ish Questions With Steve Grand + 5 Songs + WIN HIS AUTOGRAPH Comments (7)

Finally getting around to all the video from the Steve Grand event at the Hilton in honor of the Point Foundation. After the jump, you will find him answering questions about love, fitness, and—oh, yeah!—music. He also gave out some good hugs that night and helped raise some serious cash for the Foundation.

Above, check out his next single—the video for which he expects to have filmed and released within a few weeks—called "Stay."

CONTEST: I've got a Steve Grand autograph to give away to 1 of you. To enter, simply comment this post with your favorite song Steve has sung (originals/covers). I'll pick 1 of you at random to win 1 week from today at 5PM EST. Good luck!

Keep reading for more Steve Grand than you can handle. If you're not into him, move along. If you are, block off some time...

INTRO + What does Steve look for in a guy?

What's his workout regimen? + Family chat

What public person inspired him to come out?

How does one learn to love/accept oneself?

Explaining how "All-American Boy" came from his own life.

What are your goals as an artist?

How hands-on were you during the making of the "All-American Boy" video?

How do you plan for a viral sensation?

What person would you love to duet with?

When can we expect new music?

How long did it take you to write "All-American Boy"?

How did msuic "save your life?"

What was the first album you ever bought?

How did you maintain your vision for "All-American Boy" throught the filming process?

Why don't you compete on "American Idol"?

From Iran, what is your greatest career aspiration?

Will you tour? + Outro

PERFORMANCE: "You & I" Lady Gaga cover.


PERFORMANCE: "Say Good-Bye to Your Man"


PERFORMANCE: "Your Song" Elton John cover.

PERFORMANCE: "All-American Boy"

As a bonus, check out this footage of Steve's autograph-signing and photo op at Northalsted Market Days:

When he met my mom, he raved about what a good guy I am, which is exactly what I did when I met his mom. It must be a Midwest thing;

Steve-Grand-RettenmundThe mother of all meet-and-greets.



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