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Aug 15 2013
Another Gay Bashing In NYC Comments (0)


A gay couple holding hands was viciously attacked after leaving a late show at Clearview Cinemas (now Bow Tie) in Chelsea. Michael Felenchak and Peter Notman heard anti-gay slurs and then were beaten up by six men. None were apprehended.

Peter-NotmanNotman shows off his injuries. Both men were treated in the emergency room and released.

Felenchak says:

"They just came up and they hit Peter like this and they just hit me like this. They hit me so hard that I fell on the ground, and they were kicking and punching me. And those were the first two guys, and then four guys came out of nowhere."

People who do this are worse than animals. They need to be arrested and tossed in jail for 20 years. An unprovoked, violent, bias-driven assault is a sign of a sociopath. I'm hopeful that since there were witnesses, the "men" will be caught and face a stiff sentence when convicted.

Christine-QuinnNew York City mayoral candidate City Council Speaker Christine Quinn appeared at an early-morning press conference with the victims, asserting that this kind of violent acting out will never push gays back into the closet. With righteous indignation, she grasped Notman's face to show the damage, telling viewers who may still think of gay bashing as something humorous, light and/or a good idea:

"This is no joke...They were walking. Home. From. A. Movie."



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