Chemical Reaction: Should The U.S. Bomb Syria? Strip For You If You Strip For Me 

Aug 27 2013
GT, They Bring Good Things To Life Comments (0)
A few interesting tidbits from the Summer 2013 GT, still on sale now if you are anywhere British mags are sold. First, how about coverboy Daniel Bederov by Leonardo Corredor? He's even more stunning (and nuder) inside:

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Hot actor James Preston looks better than he makes sense in speaking of James Dean's (he plays him in a movie) sexuality:

"I don't think he was particularly closed on the subject in the 1950s because that period was much more sexually liberal and we live in a more conservative era now."

What the huh?

Finally, check out model Ruben Cortada, whose last name sounds like something delicious...and who is something delicious:




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