The Clap: Lady Gaga's New Single Drops Early Gwyneth Wins 

Aug 12 2013
I Don't Recall Wishing AIDS On People Who Didn't Care For Madonna's Last Singles... Comments (9)

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Anyone have any theories why Gaga—a pro-gay artist—is the only artist ever to have so many diehards use AIDS in their stan wars? I just find it bizarre. Maybe it's that now, "gay" and "AIDS" are considered to be mutually exclusive by younger people that it's now okay, in their minds, to be pro-gay while tossing around AIDS slurs? And the fact that so many of her stupidest Little Monsters (no offense to the Little Monsters who are not stupid! I still recognize these cretins are in the LOUD minority) are so young and so are still at the "sex is icky!" phase?

Baffles me. Clearly, as much as Gaga lives for applause, she'd be more okay with a critic than with a fan speaking like this. What an embarrassment.

Would be fun to track one down and put them on video, on the spot, but I've never been patient enough for the whole IP-tracing thing.

UPDATE: Wendi has apologized profusely. I accept, but I am leaving up the comment to continue the discussion, because it has nothing to do with Gaga vs. Madonna and everything to do with changing attitudes on "gay," AIDS and aging.



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