Bruce Wayne's World Drawn To It 

Aug 23 2013
Need To Know: Beach Boy Toy, The 411 On That 911, The First Cut Is The Deepest, Weiner Trouble + MORE Comments (0)

Garrett-ClaytonTeen Beach Movie star.

*widget boy cultureGarrett Clayton of Teen Beach Movie is fucking hot.

*widget boy cultureThe Georgia school shooting 911 call is absolutely amazing.

*widget boy cultureNew York Times unsure how to handle Bradley aka Chelsea Manning.

*widget boy cultureAlabama congressional candidate demands that rivals be as anti-gay as he is.

*widget boy cultureA Kickstarter about circumcision: Pigs Without Blankets.

*widget boy cultureSen. Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) thinks Obama is "perilously close" to impeachment.

*widget boy cultureHow not to react to Chelsea Manning's transgender announcement.

*widget boy cultureSan Diego Mayor Bob Filner to pull out.

*widget boy cultureAnthony Weiner's sexting girl may have been exposed to HIV filming porn.

Leathers23n-1-webIs porn a "poor people job?"



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