Your Nightly Briefing Signs Of The Times 

Sep 10 2013
Need To Know: de Lovely, Magic Johnson, Quinn Out, Crissy-Face, Iggy's Pop + MORE Comments (0)

Corey_johnsonJohnson replaces Christine Quinn on New York's City Council.

*widget boy cultureOut candidate Corey Johnson GRINDs his way to victory in NYC.

*widget boy cultureOut mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, once the presumptive nominee, crushed.

*widget boy cultureBill de Blasio kicking ass in Democratic primary...but will he get 40%?

*widget boy culture"Same Love" gets fleshed out.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama addresses the U.S. on Syria.

*widget boy cultureAndrew Goodwin, one of the first to study music videos, dies in apartment blaze.

*widget boy cultureMan coming out from anesthesia is blown away by his hot wife.

*widget boy cultureFACE MAN: Licking Darren Criss.

*widget boy cultureLawsuit against Lady Gaga by ex-assistant going to trial.

*widget boy culture"Thriller" in LEGOs.

*widget boy cultureInternational study on rape.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman destroyed evidence of his threats.

*widget boy cultureIggy Azalea, with assistance from T.I., offers to "Change Your Life":



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