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Nov 27 2013
Need To Know: Swimwear It's At, Baldwin vs. Fundamentalist Gays, Joan Rivers Hearts Slurs, When Cool Moms Attack + MORE Comments (0)

Marcuse Arrest Me PinkBeach bum.

*widget boy cultureRussell Fleming shoots (and could probably help you shoot) for Marcuse.

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin is, 100% without a doubt, a complete idiot.

*widget boy cultureSo is Joan Rivers, defending slurs. "Everyone is something"...leaves out white people.

*widget boy cultureMeanwhile, Joan felt anti-Semite Mel Gibson "should die." What changed? Miley-Cyrus-Wrecking-Ball

*widget boy cultureMulally's the ultimate embarrassing mom in G.B.F.

*widget boy cultureThis has to be a nightmare for Guy Ritchie.

*widget boy cultureChatroulette version of "Wrecking Ball" is sledge-licking good.

BattleOfAmfar_Tune_In[1]First ladies of AIDS.

*widget boy cultureThe Battle of amfAR hits HBO2 on 12/1 (World AIDS Day), HBO on 12/2.

*widget boy cultureI'm thinking Gaga + Muppets = Star Wars + Bea Arthur. Jesus-Luz

*widget boy cultureJesus Luz gets raunchy on Italian Dancing with the Stars.

*widget boy cultureFADE IN: Mazzy Star's first TV performance in 20 years.

*widget boy cultureGay book banned in Singapore.

*widget boy cultureNew fund supports LGBTs in Russia.

*widget boy cultureChris Papas booty call.

Chris-PapasChris his ass!



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