The Not-A-Peep Show You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart 

Dec 28 2013
Need To Know: Putting The Nasty In DUCK DYNASTY, Turing And After, Stumped Speech, Straight Talk + MORE! Comments (0)

Tumblr_inline_mo5nolV6OI1qz4rgpAs was expected from the beginning, this was a huge win for cretins everywhere.

*widget boy cultureA&E wimps out, reinstates Phil Robertson, provides lip service to diversity.

*widget boy cultureA little light reading: 1,000s of Newtown Massacre docs released.

*widget boy cultureGay codebreaker Alan Turing's corpse gets a pardon.

*widget boy cultureI know why the caged popstar doesn't sing.

*widget boy cultureThe ultimate dialect quiz. Hint: Merry, marry & Mary RHYME.

*widget boy cultureIwan Rheon's beauty is a thing.

Anigif_enhanced-buzz-22605-1380907733-28Just Iwan me, kid.

*widget boy cultureA peek at the animated features of 2014.

*widget boy cultureNorth West has more shoes than her parents have brain cells.

*widget boy cultureCelebrating the holidays with sexxxy underwear.

*widget boy cultureThe (surprisingly busy) year in Madonna.

*widget boy cultureWe totally won on gay marriage. Totally.

*widget boy cultureAre gay-for-pay guys really straight?

Reese-rideout-vh1Remember, they're gay for the pay, not gay for the gays.



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