Your Nightly Briefing Baby's First Twerk 

Dec 18 2013
Need To Know: Liz & No Dick, R.-Rated, Seth Efron, Hall & Oates Can Go For The Hall Of Fame, Babies With An Attitude + MORE! Comments (0)

Colin_farrell-3376 Colin_farrell-3376 Colin_farrell-3376
Tayor made?

*widget boy cultureThe point of having a romance with Elizabeth Taylor or Colin Farrell with no sex?

*widget boy cultureR. Kelly would literally do what he wanted, what he wanted with your body.

*widget boy cultureKenneth Cole doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about re: AIDS.

*widget boy cultureWhen Seth Rogen meets Zac Efron. Seth-Rogen

*widget boy cultureTHE END IS HERE: Doomsday preacher croaks.

*widget boy cultureObama is straight, but he can do a double-snap.

*widget boy culture19 best self-titled albums ever.

*widget boy cultureFinally, a "tasteful" gay hookup app. Wait...what?

*widget boy cultureHall & Oates and KISS among Rock Hall of Fame inductees.

*widget boy cultureCNN decides not to swat the dick out of Kathy's mouth.

*widget boy cultureThis baby loooves Madonna's MDNA version of "Vogue":

*widget boy cultureSeeing-eye dog saves master from train tracks.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Michael teases retirement.

*widget boy cultureWhat people did before Instagram.

*widget boy cultureLuca Dotto for Emporio Armani.

Luca-Dotto-Emporio-ArmaniHis name is Luca.



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