Feel The Burn They Don't (For Now) 

Jan 06 2014
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Bill-YoungFather issues

Bill Young, until his death the longest-serving Republican congressman, turns out to have been a special kind of douchebag. They say not to speak ill of the dead, but once you read about how he treated his first family—he cut them off cold after nearly forty years with his first wife, contacting his son and grandchildren only once before beginning his selfish Chapter 2—it would be hard to think of anything positive too say about this self-dsscribed "Family Values Warrior."

His second wife sounds like a complete monster. Even if you factor in "two sides to every story," just read her devastatingly brutal quotes. Sounds like her son with Young realizes she's a bitch, too. Terrible story about terrible people.

But also, it brings up the issue of private vs. public life that I write about often, usually in relation to gay issues. Check out this quote in the Tampa Bay Times from a journalist:

"'I was on the editorial board in 1984, not covering Young per se, but I remember that we were quite aware of what was going on and that it was scarcely if at all alluded to in print,' said former Times journalist Martin Dyckman. 'Those of us at the Times weren't comfortable exploiting a politician's private life so long as it didn't cross with his work.'"

Uh, didn't cross with his work? He campaigned as a family-values man and voted 100% in that vein, yet had bought off his first wife for $2,000/month in alimony, disowned his kids and started afresh. How could any journalist not see that as crossing with his work?




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