All Signs Point To... With A Bullet 

Jun 03 2014
Who Do You Think You Are?: Actor Leaves Stage, Physically Removes Anti-Gay Boor In Audience Comments (0)

EMily-E-Low-Anton-TroyAnton Troy supported his fellow actor, Emily E. Low condemned him.

A Santa Clarita, California, production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was disrupted by a patron who repeatedly shouted “fag” during emotional moments, unnerving cast members. Actor John Lacy (inset), who was playing “Big Daddy,” finally left the stage (the theater's staff had done nothing to halt the intrusion) and helped audience members physically remove the heckler—and, incredibly, producers later fired the actor!


Even more shockingly, two of the actresses in the play, griped that the actor's response was violent. Tell that to any bouncer anywhere, and tell it to any black man on stage being taunted with the N-word, or any woman being called the C-word. 

The leading man, Anton Troy, rightfully resigned from the production in solidarity with Lacy. Actresses Missy Kaye and Emily E. Low criticized Lacy; Kaye deleted her comments from her Facebook page while Low, battling rumors that the heckler was a friend or even a boyfriend of hers, later backtracked.


I think the actor did what had to be done. I'm shocked the producers and the theater's own staff did nothing. I would have demanded action as a patron myself.

What do you think?



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