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Mar 03 2017
Choreographer Who Taught Channing Tatum To Tap: IT WAS SO EXCITING ON BOTH ENDS Comments (0)

Hail-caesar-channing-tatum(Images via Universal)

Out choreographer Christopher Gattelli has a résumé you'd love to have just been around to watch happen: He did Newsies, is bringing Frozen to the stage and is currently working on the Broadway musical War Paint, which documents the battle between Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden with Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole as the women who did not kiss and makeup.


From Wayman Wong's Broadway World chat with Gattelli, wherein he dishes on working with Channing Tatum on Hail, Caesar!:

That was a blast. Talk about a workhorse. Tatum had never tapped before, and that man never stopped. He rehearsed about 3 months, and he literally did it all. Every flip. Everything. He was just so game. And we had some of Broadway's best dancers beside him. I told the Coens that I knew of guys in New York that I love who would give them that authentic [MGM] quality and period style. They said, “Great, okay!,”so the guys all flew out to L.A. On the first day after Channing saw them, he worked even harder, and the guys were so supportive of him. It was a mutual admiration society. They couldn't believe how fast Channing was improving every day. It was so great. And the Coens were a dream come true. They really wanted to honor the musical genre. They'd ask questions, like, “Do they record the taps first?” or “How do they tap on the tables without leaving marks?” It was so exciting on both ends.

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