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Apr 16 2017
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Enneth-Anger-Lucifer-Rising(Image via Kenneth Anger)

Kenneth Anger, who turned 90 this year, is still alive — thanks to a deal with the devil?

The occult-obsessed author of the tawdry, shamelessly muck-racking Hollywood Babylon (1965) is now offering an official bomber themed to his inarguably amazing short film Lucifer Rising (1972).

Get yours here.

You may be thinking that marrying the devil with a rainbow won't work wonders for the LGBTQ cause, but he's no GLAAD. Still, Anger accomplished some astonishing things for queer visibility and expression. I, for one, am still blown away by his avant garde short films, starting with 1947's Fireworks. The idea of an early gay filmmaker inspired my (by now quite old) second novel, Blind Items: A (Love) Story.

Good luck wearing this bomber and not getting beaten up — maybe by some gays!



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