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Apr 19 2017
Lea Michele Loves You, Gays Comments (0)

Lea Michele spoke with the incomparable gay reporter Chris Azzopardi, telling him she Lea-Michelecherishes the gay people in her life.

From their PrideSource chat:

LM: Growing up on Broadway there was always this sense of being who you are - you just have to be true to yourself and be who you are, and I saw it. I saw people living their true lives and being their true selves, and for me that was such an incredible vibe to be around growing up. It really did develop me, and you have to really have a strong backbone and you have to have strength - and it comes with a lot of difficulties - and it was such an incredible way to grow up. Honestly, I wouldn't change it for the world.

But she does not love it when gay people ask about her messy relationships with former co-stars:

PS: Apparently, you and your co-star Naya Rivera were feuding on the show, according to her memoir. Do you have trouble watching episodes with you two in them?

LM: [Laughs] Actually, I think we should — I don't like to talk about that. There are so many more fun things to talk about.

Lea-Michele-Places-2017-2480x2480(Images via Sony)

Read more of the fun things Lea likes to talk about here. Get her new album, Places, April 28.



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