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May 10 2017
Colorado Man In Horrendous Sex-Trafficking Plot Gets 50 Years Comments (0)

Sean-crumpler-mugLowest of the low. (Image via KDVR)

KDVR: Aurora, Colorado, resident Sean Crumpler has been sentenced to 50 years for sex trafficking involving gay runaways he sheltered in exchange for sex.

Crumpler tattooed the young males — between 16 and 21 — with his name to mark them as his, and to create what he perceived as a familial atmosphere.

Crumpler is HIV-positive, and apparently did not take steps to protect his victims from the virus.

Two accomplices, who helped recruit boys for Crumpler, got light sentences due to the extenuating circumstance that both had been former victims of Crumpler's.

Scum of the earth, eh?

P.S. Check out KDVR's headline and tell me what is grotesquely wrong about it:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.10.36 AM



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