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May 01 2017
RuPAUL'S DRAGCON Slays L.A., Escapes To New York! Comments (0)

RuPaul Ribbon CuttingTucking their candy, cutting their ribbons! (All images via World of Wonder)

L.A. Weekly covers RuPaul's DragCon (which I had to miss due to a headache, dammit) as being a manifestation of the resistance.

Jerry O'Connect as Anya ManJerry O'Connell, after being trans-formed into Anya Man!

Over 40,000 attendees clogged the third annual event, which featured countless gay-household-name queens, gay-porn stars, Logo laddies and more.

Alyssa EdwardsAlyssa Edwards, gams, fans!

DSC_8914You could pose with your fave ladies!

DSC_9576Stop looking at me, Godddd ... !

The event is so massive and all-inclusive it featured a Kids' Zone!

DSC_9088Heels, don't fail me now!

RuPaul, whose keynote address on Sunday brought down the house (of Xtravaganza?), made a point of zinging Not-My-President Trump:

At RuPaul's DragCon, we celebrate all the colors of the rainbow. We have an orange president that wraps himself in red, white and blue.  How are you going to make America great again if you can't love all the colors of the rainbow?

You got that right, honayyyyy.

IMG_7353(Image via RuPaul's DragCon)

Now — see above — DragCon is coming to NYC, as announced by Ru during his speech.

I. Can't. Wait.



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