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Aug 09 2017
Blue Material: The Quad Goes Raunchy Comments (0)

UnnamedBeginning August 25, the Quad Cinema in Manhattan will be flashingan array of NYC erotic cinema from the past with its Erotic City (August 25-31) retrospective.

Most excitingly, director Jerry Douglas will appear in the flesh to intro his skin flick Both Ways (1975).

Keep reading for the full load of films ...

UnnamedI should just do this movie — no one will ever see it ... right?

From a press release:

The Quad surveys sex on screen in the Big Apple ranging from the erotic to the obscene, the exploitative to the experimental

Featured directors include Joe Sarno, Roberta Findlay, Gerard Damiano, Andy Milligan, Radley Metzger, and Doris Wishman, plus theatrical premieres of half a dozen restorations. 

In the early 1960s New York City became the national hub for independent filmmaking of all types. With the gradual relaxing of local and national censorship and obscenity laws, many directors turned their lenses towards the growing demand for sexuality themed films. For the next 20-some years, a diverse group of filmmakers seized the opportunity to explore taboo subjects, and collectively produced thousands of shorts and features in a wide range of styles—from commercially-minded exploitation fare to deeply personal experimental, underground, and avant-garde cinema.


You can expect to see Aroused (1965), Bacchanale (1970), Bijou (1972), Blue Summer & The Appointment (1973/1971), Both Ways (1975), Changes (1970), Double Agent 73 (1974), Naked Came the Stranger (1975), Not a Love Story (1981), Not Just Another Woman (1973), The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976), The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (1974), Red Roses of Passion (1966), Scoundrels (1982), Seeds & Vapors (1963/1968), A Woman's Torment (1977) and several experimental shorts.

See you there!



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