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Aug 23 2017
Casino Attire: What Are Celebrities Wearing? Comments (0)

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Despite making plenty of money from films, TV shows or through album sales, the rich and famous still can't seem to resist a thrilling game of poker, with Las Vegas casinos often populated with Hollywood's finest.

Whether it's Ben Affleck counting cards at the Hard Rock or Tobey Maguire competing at a major poker tournament, the chances of spotting celebs in Vegas are pretty high ...

Dressing for Vegas

There are a lot of do’s and don'ts for celebrities when it comes to gambling in the public eye. Casinos in Vegas often have an unspoken dress code, but the other side of the coin is that dressing sharply will keep the paparazzi and fans interested in what famous gamblers are wearing. Although it pays to be visible for many stars, what they wear during gameplay can actually affect how successful they are. When it comes to poker for example, psychology can be affected by things like colour, flamboyancy or design, often celebrities choose to wear items that make it more difficult for opponents to figure out what’s going on in the game. 888poker’s article is the perfect guide on what to wear at the poker table, so if you’re planning a night in Vegas then take some advice on your outfit and give yourself the best chance of winning some money.

Gx_article_22634_wBen Affleck (Image via video still)

Casino regulars

If there’s one celebrity who loves Las Vegas, it’s Justice League, Gone Girl and Argo star Ben Affleck. Affleck is not only a seasoned poker player, but has been spotted in casinos all over the city kicking back and enjoying some gambling outside his busy film schedule. Judging by the photos, Affleck prefers the smart, understated look with plenty of dark jackets and black shirts. Maybe this timeless look helps him to feel good when he’s playing with his inflated salary, or perhaps it helps him to blend in with the crowds and avoid the incessant selfies.

Despite possessing more gold medals than anyone else in history, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps certainly doesn’t splash out on trendy attire when it comes to competing in major poker tournaments or a night out at a Las Vegas casino. Sticking to t-shirts, sweat pants and caps, the greatest swimmer of all time always seems to look like he’s on his way to a training session at the pool, rather than a major global poker event.

Spiderman and The Great Gatsby star Tobey Maguire is one of the best celebrity gamblers out there, regularly featuring in major poker tournaments and popping up at open events throughout the year. Despite being charismatic and friendly in many of his roles, the actor comes across a little differently when the chips are down. A mix of sweaters, pullovers and faded old college t-shirts seem to populate Maguire's wardrobe, with fashion and style taking a backseat in favour of comfort during epic tournament games. With a poker face that is obviously built on the ‘constantly miserable’ technique, maybe a cap and some shades would help other players to avoid seeing an angry actor on the other side of the table when they are trying to enjoy their game.

Ch7YNN4XIAE99S-.0.0Fight of the century? (Image via PR)

Big fight fashion show

With one of the biggest fights of all time happening in Las Vegas on the 26th of August when Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor go head to head in the ring, every celebrity worth their salt will descend on sin city, with a lot of them using the opportunity to spend some time in casinos. With so many big names in one spot, the right outfit will be vitally important to ensure all the cameras are focused on an incredible outfit. Hopefully some of them will resist the temptation to take a leaf out of Tobey Maguire’s book and wear a threadbare hoody to a glitzy casino.




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