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Aug 04 2017
Cazwell Muses On LOOSE WRISTS & Lace Fronts (And Backs) Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 5.52.43 PMCazwell, 38, is the gayest rapper ever, solidifying that legacy with his single “Loose Wrists.”

In the song, he promises, “We about to make America femme again,” taking on LGBTQ rights (and Trump) in a way even your least-engaged friends can appreciate, laugh at and — hopefully — get fired up about.

Keep reading to listen to a great interview he gave podcasters Derek and Romaine ...

DB_GS7YXYAElsQU(Image by Dave Salamanca Rojas)

Check out Cazwell's video if you still haven't seen it ...

... and then enjoy the chatty, catty podcast, in which he is taken to task for his lacy looks: 



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