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Aug 10 2017
OneGayGuy Podcast Is As Gay As It Gets Comments (0)

UnnamedUnhinged Homo Productions recently launched the OneGayGuy podcast, featuring host Michael Kimball. There are already 42 episodes.

Why should you care? Because the podcast tackles topics near and dear to the hearts of LGBTQ community.

Keep reading for a taste ...

Kimball promises to touch on the following (from a press release):

·       Trump/Pence and You: Their greatest accomplishments in hate

·       Religious Liberty Laws: Lawmakers using the constitution as an excuse to discriminate and hate

·       Hot Gay Sex Poetry 

·       Bullies: Bullying is a pandemic. What is the cure?

·       Religious Liberty My Ass: More on Religious Liberty Laws AKA Legalized Discrimination

·       Gross: The gross things we do but don’t admit to

·       Coming Out- You can do it: Coming out with encouragement and support

·       Milo Yiannopoulos & Trump: Defending free speech in order to normalize hate speech

·       FAKELINE 2/22/17: More real “Fake News”

·       Transgender Series: Part One: Intellectus: Exploring what it is like to be transgendered

·       Update: Some things to consider when listening

·       Get in Bed with OneGayGuy: The sleepcast: Tips to help you get to sleep and stay asleep…fast.

·       Miss Gay America 2017- Suzy Wong: Interview

·       HAPPY: Help someone have a really happy day today (you will too)

·       The Beasts of Henagar: A homophobic Alabama theater bans Beauty & the Beast

·       HIV/AIDS: Part 2- Interview with Christopher Brennan, Program Coordinator: Getting to Zero

·       HIV/AIDS: Part 3-Depression: A look at the psychological ramifications of chronic illness

·       Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Tips on relationships and breaking up


·       The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus: Mike interviews the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus

·       Otto Warmbier and North Korea: Part One: Mike discusses this tragedy

·       Suit Yourself: The way you dress can have a significant impact on how you look and feel

·       The Fractured State of the Sandbox: Common traits shared by Trump and immature adults

·       Not My Bible: There’s a distinction between “The Right to Marry” and “Sacrament of Holy Matrimony”

Check out OneGayGuy podcast right here. I found the one I sampled to be eminently listenable.



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