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Aug 20 2017
Steve Grand's (Not-So-) New ATTITUDE About His Body Comments (0)

19932145_847889108713583_3544403266894823424_nSteve Grand has been called every name in the book for wearing a Speedo so often, mostly because his detractors remember the one time he became annoyed with the gay media fixating on his old Speedo poses in a way that felt insulting. He flared up, he apologized and later fully embraced his sex-symbol status — but some commenters Won't. Let. It. Go.

Now, he's speaking out in Attitude about the issue, and really puts a fine point on it ...

19436966_115896552359421_7611684485288951808_n-600x600(Images via Instagram @stevegrandmusic)

Via Attitude: Steve tells Attitude's Cliff Joannou:

I’m very well aware that people [think], “He looks so tasteless, he looks so trashy.” Like, men have this wonderful thing between their legs that to some degree protrudes. I think it’s a beautiful thing and I like presenting it in a way that’s nice and pleasant and attractive.

It would seem that anyone still clinging to the idea that Steve's a hypocrite who shows his body and resents you for looking needs to enter 2017.



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