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Sep 05 2017

Move-Along-Official-Video-the-all-american-rejects-20307559-640-480In a new, 11-minute short film ied to the new All-American Rejects release, frontman Tyson Ritter appears as a cross-dressing prostitute who is also a married businessman.

PrideSource asked him about the video, about his own sexuality and about his influences, leading to some very frank, self-effacing answers ...

5aef4056b95b16d55930e4e0f1d3041c--tyson-ritter-sexy-guys(Image via Penguin)

PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi quizzed Ritter on his drag experience, which Ritter seemed to thoroughly enjoy:

I had immediate questions for him about the story of Robert and the purpose of this film. Once we boiled it down, it was just this concept of identity and how people in all walks of life are never the same person in any room they walk into. I think Robert's struggle to find himself was something that bled into my correspondence with Jamie, and we just started exploring all of our dark secrets together. It was really this cathartic thing to just talk about our lives and the regrets we've had and the compromising things we've done to become the person we were and are.

Ritter also spoke about questioning his own sexual identity:

I  absolutely have. I went through a really bad breakup when I was in my mid '20s and I was asexual for almost three years, just living in New York by myself, totally stone sober and trying to find myself. I was raised by my mom and my grandma, and that femininity and that balance within myself of the masculine and feminine has always been a yin-yang. It's pushing and pulling, always. And I embrace that energy because I think some of the strongest things about me are from what my mother and my Nannu gave me.

For more, check out the whole PrideSource Q&A.



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