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Sep 05 2017
Woman Fights Cancer With Costumed Girl Squad — This Week, It's Madonna! Comments (0)

18880251_10210947746024532_542120658605085320_oNaomi Ziva is battling cancer, which entails undergoing chemotherapy.

To keep up her spirits , Naomi and her best girlfriends dress in costume for each session, always adhering to an overall theme.

Keep reading to find out how to help Naomi, and to check out Madonna Week for #costumechemo ...

21273343_10211792764029454_4111705386572011786_o(Images via Naomi Ziva)

Naomi's spirit is incredibly upbeat — I can't imagine having her pluck. 


Plus, she and her friends are nailing these looks:


Her story, via CrowdRise:

Dear friend, devoted daughter, talented hair craftswoman, philanthropist, dance floor slayer and all around all star lady: Naomi Ziva (Briggs) has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and has begun the journey to fight. Together, with her friends and family by her side, and help from donors like you - we stand with Naomi to help provide the funding to support her, to beat the shit out of this cancer and go on living the quality of life she deserves. Donate today and help support a women that has given back so much to her community, so she can continue to beat the odds in cancer and beyond.

With Love and Gratitude,


Help her here!



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