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Oct 09 2017
Here Comes The Judge: Under This Guy, Many Men Got Off Comments (0)

Arkansas-judge-joe-boeckmannHere is yet another story that is completely awful, yet would do well as a gay porn video.

Judge Joseph Boeckmann, 71, has admitted to giving smalltime offenders — men only — lighter sentences for years, provided they posed nude or offered sexual favors.

I beg your pardon? Keep reading for details ...

Joseph-boeckmann(Image via mug shot)

So basically, every man in power abuses it for sexual gain? Is that what we are learning?

Arkansas Judge Boeckmann sure did. According to Business Insider:

Joseph Boeckmann had been set for trial this month but pleaded guilty to wire fraud and witness tampering. Under terms of a plea bargain, he would face at least 2½ years in prison, though U.S District Judge Kristine Baker isn't required to go along with that sentence. Federal prosecutors said they would drop 19 other charges after Boeckmann's sentencing, which will likely occur in 2018.

Boeckmann spoke only briefly during Thursday's hearing. “Yes, ma'am,” he said after a series of four questions on whether he understood the deal and agreed to be bound by it. He told the judge later that he was pleading guilty because he was guilty.

The elderly jurist's raised right hand is reported to have shook when he swore under oath that he understood what his plea deal meant.

What he did was terrible for many reasons — sexual coercion is not all right, guys — not least of which was blatantly offering preferential (albeit disgusting) treatment for males.

As for what the men could expect:

According to Halpern, Boeckmann would typically offer men a sentence of "community service" in lieu of court fines and fees — picking up bottles and cans while Boeckmann took photographs. An investigation by The Associated Press into court and law enforcement records last year showed that of the 254 men Boeckmann sentenced to community service over a seven-year period in one of three districts he oversaw, just 13 of the cases included timesheets and court records showing completion of the sentences.

I couldn't find specific details of sex acts he may or may not have solicited in exchange for leniency, but there is evidence he enlisted a third party to threaten one man who complained about the sexual improprieties, so don't feel bad for him — he's a bad hombre.




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