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Oct 20 2017
Mormon Mom's Outreach To LGBTQ Youth Comments (0)

59e6d9ce1800002000dfb007(Image via Encircle)

Meet Stephenie Larsen, a mom of six who took it upon herself to launch a support network for gay youth — a block away from a Mormon Temple ...

Via Huff Post:

Larsen, herself a Mormon, says she doesn’t have a gay child and doesn’t identify as LGBTQ ― but over the years, she witnessed the church’s fraught relationship with the gay community affect family after family, until she felt she had to do something ...

Larsen wants Encircle to bring families of LGBTQ kids closer together and to foster understanding between them and the Mormon community. It’s fitting that Encircle, housed in a historic blue Victorian, is located just down the street from one of Provo’s two Mormon temples, she said.

The Mormon church did not respond to a request for comment for this story. Last year, a representative for the church gave the following statement about Encircle to HuffPost: “It’s good to see this historic property lovingly restored and used to serve people in the LGBT community.” 

Check out more info on Encircle here.



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