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Oct 09 2017
These Are The V-A-M-P Vamps: Boy Band Bares Booty Comments (0)

Photo(Image via EMI)

Those wily young boy-banders the Vamps have come up with a novel way to test a drone — dropping their pants for a long shot of their butts. No way of knowing how many bottoms are in the group, but there are two bottoms after the jump ...


The Vamps, a British band formed in 2012, are so successful they've had their own label for two years. They just released their third album, Night & Day, in July. Though it has failed in the U.S., their debut in 2014 hit the Top 40 of the Billboard 200 album chart. None of their dozen singles has made a splash Stateside, but try this one on for size:

It's like Leo Sayer as a bunch of twinks!

Speaking of which, the boys are Brad Simpson (22), James McVey (23), Connor Ball (21) and Tristan Evans (23).



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