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Jan 12 2018
Eye, Darlanne: RIP To My Favorite EYES OF LAURA Martian Comments (0)

Darlanne Fluegel  Eyes of Laura Mars (2)As Lulu in 'Laura (Image via Columbia)

This was announced almost a month later, and I'm a week later than that, but I was so sad to read that Darlanne Fluegel passed away on December 15. Even sadder, she was only 64, having been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's about eight years earlier.

The former model was a memorable (to say the least) part of Eyes of Laura Mars (1978). Obit here, and keep reading for some fun images from her Laura Mars gig ...



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Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.03.47 PM

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Amazing Laura Mars sequences: 

Catch up with her Eyes of Laura Mars scene partner, Lisa Taylor, here.



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